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I try to change the vision of the viewer: media is not important cause I catch the sensation!

Silvia Elisa Baseggio is an italian born artist. She graduated from Cottini Art School of Turin, and specialysed in graphic design. The strong influence of the Italian classical artists has forged her unique style.

Throughout her experience she has developed an acute attention and true love for details, reflected in her works.

She use different techniques and medias, multiple layers overlapping motion effects, shades and nuances that become incredible tiny details.

In 2016 Silvia moved to Fuerteventura, infront of Morocco coast. In that wild Spanish island various cultures and new experiences influenced and enriched her knowledge.

SeeMe member from March 2018
WOTisART magazine publish his works on March 2018 ediction.

Exhibitions and fairs:

2017 "Art Box 1.0" - Zurich

2018 “Art Box” - New York

2018 “Art takes Soho” - New York

2018 “what’s the form of the colors?” Solo show @ El guerrero - Fuerteventura

2018 “Parralax ART fair” - London

2018 “Parralax ART fair” - Manchester

2019 “Her story” SeeMe selection @ the Jane Hotel - New York

2019 “Underwater” solo show @ 722º - Fuerteventura

The works of SilviaEly can also be seen in saatchi art and SeeMe


I feel boring with the classic conception of the obvious canvas: squared or rectangular? It doesn't works with my art!


I chase every day the true pleasure of creating works. That reflect the splendor and harmony of recognizable images or abstract element.

I’m always Playing with the movement of matter and color, and often with bizarre elements like Uniposca or soluble coffee.